SATA 15-Pin Power Connector Pinout

The SATA 15-pin power cable flexibly connector is one of the standard fringe power connectors in PCs. This is a Standard Connector for all SATA-Based Hard Drives and Optical Drives.

SATA power links distend from the force gracefully unit and are intended to dwell just inside the PC case. This is not at all like SATA information links, which are likewise typically kept behind the case however can likewise associate with outer SATA gadgets, for example, outside hard drives through a SATA to eSATA section.

SATA: Everything You Need to Know

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SATA 15-Pin Power Connector Pinout

A pinout is a reference that depicts the pins or contacts that associate an electrical gadget or connector.

SATA 15-Pin Power Connector Pinout

The following is the pinout for the standard SATA 15-pin fringe power connector as of Version 2.2 of the ATX Specification. In case you’re utilizing this pinout table to test power flexibly voltages, know that the voltages must be inside ATX-determined resistances.

SATA 15-Pin Power Connectors

Pin          Name    Color     Description

1              +3.3VDC               Orange +3.3 VDC

2              +3.3VDC               Orange +3.3 VDC

3              +3.3VDC               Orange +3.3 VDC

4              COM      Black      Ground

5              COM      Black      Ground

6              COM      Black      Ground

7              +5VDC  Red        +5 VDC

8              +5VDC  Red        +5 VDC

9              +5VDC  Red        +5 VDC

10           COM      Black      Ground

11           COM      Black      Ground (Optional or other use)

12           COM      Black      Ground

13           +12VDC                Yellow   +12 VDC

14           +12VDC                Yellow   +12 VDC

15           +12VDC                Yellow   +12 VDC

There are two less-basic SATA power connectors: a 6-pin connector called a slimline connector (supplies +5 VDC) and a 9-pin connector called a miniaturized scale connector (supplies +3.3 VDC and +5 VDC).

 More Information on SATA Cables and Devices

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SATA power links are required for controlling interior SATA equipment, for example, hard drives; they don’t work with more established Parallel ATA (PATA) gadgets. Since more seasoned gadgets that require a PATA association despite everything exist, some force supplies may just have 4-pin Molex power gracefully connectors.

On the off chance that your capacity flexibly doesn’t give a SATA power link, you can purchase a Molex-to-SATA connector to control your SATA gadget over a Molex power association. The StarTech 4-pin to 15-pin power link connector is one model.

One distinction among PATA and SATA information links is that two PATA gadgets can associate with similar information link, while only one SATA gadget can join to a solitary SATA information link. Be that as it may, SATA links are a lot more slender and simpler to oversee inside a PC, which is significant for link the executives and room yet in addition for appropriate wind current.

While a SATA power link has 15 pins, SATA information links have only seven.


1-How many pins that a sata power cable have?

Serial ATA (SATA) Power connector has 15 pins and is somewhat bigger than the SATA information connector. One principle advantage the SATA power connector gives over the 4 pin power connector is a pin that gives 3.3 V of intensity.

2-How to connect sata power cable?

Connect one end to the hard drive or circle drive and the opposite end into the fitting SATA opening on your motherboard. Counsel the manual for extra directions on which space to utilize. Interface the SATA power link from the force flexibly to the drives.