Cell phone Tripod: aren’t only for DSLR and mirrorless cameras when they can likewise assume a significant job in portable photography. The best tripods stand are made to help catch scenes in the most splendid or darkest conditions for any phone tripod mount you lock onto them.

This guide will assist you in finding an ideal choice for your gadget and the pictures you need to make.

Best Overall: Manfrotto PIXI Mini with Universal Clamp

Best Cell Phone Tripod

Manfrotto is a commonly recognized name for anybody up to date about tripods stand, and the PIXI Mini is one that should keep going for quite a while. The blend of hardened steel and aluminum with a technopolymer coat gives it a solid form. The ball-locking head is flexible phone holder for simpler calculating up to 35-degrees, and the low focal point of gravity at a stature of 5.3-inches makes it less complex to use in more tight spaces. For long presentation shots, this cell phone tripod should hold up well.

The way into this is the Universal Smartphone Clamp. This isn’t to be mistaken for Manfrotto’s PIXI Clamp, which is somewhat more adaptable, on account of increasingly rough holds and an additional 1/4-inch screw string. The Universal Clamp sports great springs, with each end utilizing an elastic cushion that is thick, yet delicate and wide enough (3.2-inches) to deal with most cell phones tripod, regardless of whether they have a case. You could attempt to get imaginative with the string on the clasp’s back by situating the phone compliment on its back. In any case, it does not have the third-string the PIXI Clamp has that would disentangle mounting a light or amplifier on the phone.


  • Strong and lightweight form materials
  • Handles a wide scope of telephones
  • Numerous strings on the Clamp


  • Your Legs won’t go lower than 45-degrees
  • The Clamp could utilize an additional string

Best Value: Ubeesize Tripod S

Ubeesize Tripod

It may not be reasonable to consider this a ‘poor man’s GorillaPod’ however a similar soul is there with the Ubeesize Tripod S, which accompanies pliable legs that can wind around branches and shafts. It has a higher focal point of gravity at 10.6-inches high when the octopus-style legs are fixed. They are made of metal and covered with elastic and froth to shape somewhat simpler when folded over surfaces, just as including solace when grasping them.

While Ubeesize believes this tripod to be “rough”, its solidness truly relies upon where you take it. The metal rotating appendage, combined with the lightweight legs implies this tripod stand is extremely just for phones and little activity cams. That would clarify why the tosses in a GoPro mount, as well.

The mount has a decent degree of adaptability in that it can extend up to 3.75-inches, pleasing most phones and cases. The included Bluetooth remote is principally planned for taking selfies, blogging, and scene shots, which is extraordinary for setting up one of a kind edges, yet in addition, proves to be useful for long presentation shots around evening time where you have to abstain from contacting the phone.


  • Adaptable legs
  • Included Bluetooth remote
  • Good cost


  • Not perfect for panning
  • Legs don’t straighten without any problem
  • Mount is essential

Best Versatility: IK Multimedia iKlip Grip

Iklip Phone Tripod

IK Multimedia publicizes the iKlip Grip as being good with phone screens extending from 3.5-to 6-inches, however, that doesn’t factor in how much bezels have been vanishing on gadgets. The mount loosens up to 3.58-inches, making it perfect with bigger models, including the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and its 6.9-inch show.

Instead of only a tripod stand, an iKlip Grip is really a group of four of the frill. It can function as a handheld stabilizer, a broadened selfie stick (up to 19.7-inches), or connect to a bigger tripod stand through the separable mount’s 1/4-inch screw string. The mount can likewise hold the  cell phone in scene or representation directions and accompanies a Bluetooth remote for without hands still photograph and video catch.

There’s a ton to like about the entire bundle, not least since it invalidates having to adorn a frill with different connections. IK Multimedia has an iKlip Grip Pro that utilizes a superior grasp and includes a clasp holder for the Bluetooth remote to keep it inside your thumb’s range.


  • 4-in-1 extra bundle
  • Handles a bigger number of telephones than publicized
  • Works in scene and representation


  • Legs don’t extend or lengthen
  • Selfie stick more vulnerable at full length
  • Professional may be better for $10 more

Best for any surface: Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod Magnetic Mounting Kit

Grip tighy one gp magnetic Impulse

Joby’s GorillaPod tripods stand are prestigious for their capacity to remain on practically any surface or fold over practically any appropriate item. The GripTight ONE accompanies some different unwavering quality, thanks in enormous part to the attractive feet that can attach it to generally vertical or lopsided metal surfaces. Combined with the intense and foldable legs, this cell phone tripod stand ought to have the option to catch photographs and videos from a lot of intriguing edges.

The mount loosens up to 3.6-inches, so it can deal with most phones (with cases) and remembers the alternative to arrange it for scene or picture mode. Joby tosses in a Bluetooth remote to help take selfies or collective endeavors from any place you see fit, yet it additionally fills in as an extraordinary method to shoot long exposures or worm’s-eye magnificent shots where it may be difficult to contact the screen.

One likely issue after some time is that the ball head doesn’t have a handle to modify pressure. It verbalizes well all alone and keeps a phone stable, yet it’s difficult to tell how close it will be following quite a while of utilization. The mount falls off, uncovering the 1/4-inch screw mount for different mounts or cameras (however weight support is constrained to 11.5 ounces).


  • Attractive feet
  • Adaptable legs
  • Bluetooth remote


  • No strain modification for the ball head
  • Not perfect for cameras
  • Expensive

Best for vloggers: Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit

Joby Gorilla Pod

What do you get when Joby adds adaptable arms to go with the trio of adaptable legs? This novel looking vlogging unit that is plainly focused on any future resident columnist or online life influencer. The Mobile Vlogging Kit is basically a group that consolidates the Mobile Rig, Beamo Mini LED, and Wavo Mobile mouthpiece.

Fundamentally, the additional two things attach to the enunciated arms to make an across the board arrangement that would make it simpler to shoot anyplace. The highest point of the mount additionally has its own 1/4-inch string to connect the third thing to the full apparatus. Joby incorporates a GoPro mount and cold shoe for the Beamo, however, neither of them are fixed to the arms.

The arms and mount likewise fall off altogether, making it simpler to go through this as a straight tripod stand. Also, it’s sufficiently simple to point a phone one way, as up ahead, and a GoPro toward yourself. Or on the other hand, you could set up two lights to flank a phone or camera when shooting an item or another person. While a stretch to think of it as a star level apparatus, it’s adaptable enough to disentangle innovative situations.


  • Packaged with Mini LED and Wavo mic
  • Arms are removable
  • Works fine as a standard tripod


  • Needs USB-C connector for mic
  • No attractive feet
  • Costly

Best Mount: Joby GripTight PRO Phone

Best Cell Phone Tripod in 2020

You may as of now have a tripod that you like to utilize, yet aren’t sure you have a mount you can trust. The GripTight PRO Phone has been Joby’s all the more professional level cell phone mount returning several years, it still extremely just has one employment to do: secure a phone set up. In contrast to Joby’s different phone tripod mounts, similar to the GripTight ONE, this is harder and tighter. The spring has enough surrender for to 3.5-inches wide, however, that is about it. You may run into inconvenience on the off chance that you have a thicker case on your gadget.

That, however, you’ll need to observe how you place it with the goal that it doesn’t cover the force or volume catches in light of its more extensive impression. It can verbalize a cell phone at 90-degrees, dealing with both scene and picture directions. Be that as it may, it additionally inclines up to 150-degrees, which means you won’t need to expel the phone or curve the smart phone tripod mount along the side when you would prefer not to.


  • Works with whatever has the 1/4-inch mount
  • Tight brace for included security
  • Fits dominant part of phones


  • Cumbersome plan and manufacture
  • Might cover side catches
  • Thicker cases are tricky


1-How to connect a cell phone to a tripod stand?

Easiest path is to purchase a modest selfie stick at that point unscrew the part the phone joins to. That should screw to a standard tripod. Or on the other hand. Make a base about 10″ square and 2″ thick of the wood. Drill an opening in the middle that the selfie stick is a decent close fit in. Utilize that as a tripod.

1-How to put a phone on a tripod stand?

It’s a basic method to safely mount your cell phone to a tripod, and it just expenses about $15. Expecting you effectively own the tripod. The arrangement is simple. I utilized a L-formed section to prop up the telephone and secure it to a standard tripod.