KOTOR 2 Cheats For PC: The follow-up to BioWare’s 2003 pretending game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic happens 4,000 years before the occasions of The Phantom Menace. The Jedi Order has been about cleared out by the Sith, and it’s dependent upon you to bring the dispersed Jedi back together. Luckily, KOTOR II has cheat codes to make your strategic reasonable.

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These cheats are just accessible in the PC variant of Star Wars KOTOR II.

Step by step instructions to Enable KOTOR 2 Cheats for PC

On the off chance that you need to utilize cheat codes in KOTOR II, you should initially alter a game record to empower swindles:

Find the swkotor2.ini record in the game organizer and make a reinforcement duplicate. That way, if something turns out badly, you can reestablish the document and not lose your game information.

Open the document in a word processor.

Look to the Game Options segment and include the accompanying line under it:

Kotor II Cheats for Pc


Spare the document and start the game.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords PC Cheat Codes

When cheats are empowered, press the tilde (~) key during interactivity to enter one of the accompanying codes and enact the comparing cheat work.

You can get anything in the game utilizing the given item cheat with Star Wars KOTOR II thing codes.

Cheat Code                                                 Effect

  • setcomputeruse 1-99              Set the Computer Use ability to the showed level.
  • setdemolitions 1-99              Set the Demolitions ability to the showed level.
  • setstealth 1-99                         Set the Stealth ability to the showed level.
  • setawareness 1-99                 Set the Awareness ability to the showed level.
  • setpersuade 1-99                    Set the Persuade ability to the showed level.
  • setre                                       Set the Repairability to the showed level.
  • setsecurity 1-99                      Set the Security ability to the showed level.
  • settreatinjury 1-99                 Set the Treat Injury ability to the showed level.
  • setstrength 1-9                      Set the Strength credit to the showed level.
  • setdexterity 1-99                    Set the Dexterity credit to the showed level.
  • setconstitution 1-99              Set the Constitution credit to the showed level.
  • setintelligence 1-99               Set the Intelligence credit to the showed level.
  • setwisdom 1-99                     Set the Wisdom credit to the showed level.
  • setcharisma 1-99                  Set the Charisma credit to the demonstrated level.
  • addexp #                                Add experience to your character.
  • addlevel #                             Add the demonstrated number of levels.

     turbo            Press W or S to move quicker; rehash to impair.

  • invulnerability                         Enable God Mode.
  • Restart smaller than normal games on the off chance that you lose.
  • bright                           Turn murkiness into brilliance.
  • addlightside                    Add Light side focuses.
  • adddarkside                 Add Dark side focuses.
  • revealmap                     Show the whole guide when you press the M key.
  • givecredits                  Get extra credits.
  • giveitem #                   Spawn showed thing.
  • givemed                        Get 100 Med Kits.
  • giverepair                    Get 100 Advance Repair Kits.
  • givecomspikes             Get 100 Computer Spikes.
  • givesecspikes               Get 100 Section Spikes.
  • givesitharmour            Get 100 Armor.
  • infiniteuses                Limited use things never terminate.
  • whereami                  Show your definite area on map.


1-How do I use cheats in Kotor 2?

Open up swkotor2. ini, go under [Game Options] then include “EnableCheats=1” without quotes as appeared in the image underneath. When in-game press the tilde key (‘ or ~) and type in codes you need to utilize. Press enter

2-How do I enable cheats in Kotor?

ini document, dispatch KotOR or KotOR II and burden a game. When a game has been stacked, press the tilde [~] button on your console and afterward type a cheat. On most consoles, the tilde button is over the [Tab] button and expects you to hold [Shift].

3-How do I access the console in Kotor 2? So to utilize the reassure in KOTOR 2, you’d hit the support hotkey, type an order, hit enter, and it will run, yet you won’t perceive any comfort window like you