Windows 10 hurls an amazing cluster of mistake messages and stop code memory management. when things turn out badly. At the point when a blue screen of death (BSOD) blunder hits, you can utilize the Windows stop code to pinpoint and fix the issue.

stop code memory management

On occasion, stop codes issue for quite certain mistakes. On different occasions, you may need to work through a scope of Windows 10 fixes. The Windows 10 “Memory Management” stop code includes the last mentioned.

In this article, we assist you with settling your memory of the executive’s blunders, each fix in turn.

What Is Windows Memory Management?

Memory the board is crucial to keep your working framework ticking over pleasantly. Memory the executives is the capacity that deals with your framework memory. Properly working memory the executives, be that as it may, is crucial to your framework wellbeing.

At the point when memory the executives turn out badly, your framework will begin indicating BSODs at normal stretches.

Here’s the reason:

Memory the executives tracks each memory area on your framework, paying little mind to status. It deals with the progress of memory and procedures between your RAM and physical memory during execution, choosing how much memory to allot (and what amount is accessible for distribution). At the point when you close a program, it reallocates that memory to different procedures or imprints it accessible for use.

Shockingly, memory the executives isn’t cleared of framework blunders, much the same as the remainder of your framework. Furthermore, when it crashes, it takes your framework with it.

The Memory Management Blue Screen Error

A memory the executives BSOD implies there’s been a basic memory the board mistake. There are a few notable reasons for the memory of the executive’s blunders:

Broken RAM

  • Issues with new equipment, for example, an illustrations card

Broken drivers

  • Programming issues, including degenerate framework and working framework records

Circle blunders

  • Now and again, your framework may recuperate after a basic reset. On the off chance that you experience a Memory Management BSOD, restart your framework, and check whether the mistake returns. If not, there is an opportunity it was a unique case.

So how would you fix it? Here are a couple of things you can attempt.

1. Update Windows 10

The principal activity is to watch that Windows 10 is exceptional. Obsolete framework records can cause sudden mistakes. Checking for a pending update is a brisk and simple approach to make sense of if that is what is causing your issue.

  • Hit Windows key + I to open the Settings board. Presently, head to Update and Security, at that point check under Windows Update for any pending updates.

On the off chance that there is an update, spare any significant records, at that point press Restart now. Your framework will reboot during the procedure.

2. Run Windows 10 Memory Diagnostic Tool

You can utilize the incorporated Windows Memory Diagnostic utility to check if your framework RAM is working accurately. The Memory Diagnostic instrument pursues a framework reboot. It checks your framework memory for blunders and logs the sweep to a book document for investigation.

run windows-memory management
  • Type Windows Memory Diagnostic into your Start menu search bar and select the best match.
  • You have two alternatives: reboot promptly and run the utility, or set the utility to pursue your next reboot.

 As you are attempting to fix your memory the executives BSODs, spare any significant reports, and reboot your framework right away. The Windows Memory Diagnostic pursues promptly reboot.

The log record, be that as it may, isn’t clear after you boot again into Windows 10.

  • Press Windows key + X and select Event Viewer from the force menu. In the Event Viewer, select Event Viewer (Local) > Windows Logs > System.

At that point, in the right-hand section select Find and type MemoryDiagnostic into the container. Hit Find Next. Your demonstrative outcomes will show in the base of the window.

From that point, you have to examine particular blunders the Windows Memory Diagnostic hurls.

3. Run MemTest86

Windows Memory Diagnostic doesn’t show any mistakes. Be that as it may, you’re certain the issue identifies with your framework RAM. If that is the situation, you can utilize MemTest86 to play out a top to a bottom memory test.

MemTest86 is a free, independent memory testing instrument for x86 machines. You boot MemTest86 from a USB streak drive (or bootable plate) and leave it to check your framework RAM. Presently, a MemTest86 RAM check sets aside a long effort to finish; a  pass takes hours relying upon the measure of RAM you have introduced.


4. Update Your Drivers

Another fast and convenient potential fix is to refresh your framework drivers. New programming or equipment may accompany new drivers, and your framework probably won’t have the message. Driver deficiencies are less normal than in the times of registering yesteryear, particularly as Windows 10 currently handles driver refreshes, all around. Be that as it may, saying this doesn’t imply that they don’t occur.

  • Press Windows Key + I to open the Settings board, at that point select Update and Security > View update history.

You can discover any driver refreshes here. Presently, type gadget supervisor in the Start menu search bar and select the best match. Head down the rundown and check for a blunder image. On the off chance that there is nothing, your driver status is likely not the wellspring of the issue.

All things considered, you can utilize an outsider device to refresh the entirety of your framework drivers at the same time. Look at this rundown of free instruments you can use to fix most of Windows issues. The initial two alternatives—IOBit’s Driver Booster and Snappy Driver Installer—do precisely this.

update drivers-memory management error

GPU Drivers

  • A typical subject all through Memory Management BSOD strings and gathering posts is that, now and again, obsolete or pristine GPU drivers can cause the BSOD. Focus on your GPU drivers and twofold check your last update.


CHKDSK is a Windows framework instrument that checks the document framework and with specific settings, fixes issues as it runs. You run CHKDSK from the Command Prompt, and it has a lot of clever highlights.

how do i fix low memory

6. Run SFC

Memory the board despite everything happening?

Framework File Check is another Windows framework instrument that checks for absent and degenerate Windows framework documents. Sounds like CHKDSK, correct? All things considered, SFC checks for Windows framework documents explicitly, while CHKDSK filters your whole drive for mistakes.

Yet, before running the SFC order, it is ideal to twofold watch that it is utilitarian.

DISM represents Deployment Image Servicing and Management. DISM is an incorporated Windows utility with a tremendous scope of capacities. For this situation, the DISM Restorehealth order guarantees that our next fix will work appropriately. Work through the accompanying advances.

Type Command Prompt (Admin)in the Start menu search bar, at that point, right-click and select Run as chairman to open a raised Command Prompt.

Type the accompanying order and press Enter: DISM/online/cleanup-picture/restore health

Trust that the order will finish. The procedure can take as long as 20 minutes relying upon your framework wellbeing. The procedure appears to be stuck at specific occasions, yet sit tight for it to finish.

At the point when the procedure finishes, type SFC/scan now and press Enter.

RUNSfc-computer management windows 10

7. Check Physical Hardware

To wrap things up, truly check your framework equipment. Did you move your framework as of late? There’s a little possibility your equipment unseated during the procedure. Just a little possibility, however something worth checking!

8. Reset Windows 10 (Last)

Alright, despite everything ripping your hair out? Once in awhile nothing other than a Windows 10 Reset will fix your concern. Windows 10 Reset replaces your framework documents with a new arrangement of records and hypothetically clears waiting for issues identifying with the Memory Management blunder while keeping most of your significant documents unblemished.

  • Setting
  • Update and Security
  • Recovery

Then that point OF reset this PC getting start. Your framework restarts when you hit the catch, so ensure you to reinforcement any significant documents in advance. Your framework will restart, at that point, you may choose to Keep my documents or Remove everything.

The Memory Management Stop Code Error Fixed

Memory Management BSODs are hard to deal with. Numerous factors can prompt a Memory Management blunder, and that is actually why diagnosing an immediate issue is now and again hazardous. Nonetheless, one of the above fixes will bring your framework once again from the verge so you can proceed with your work liberated from any BSOD for the present.

For a progressively explicit fix, look at our investigating guide for the “video scheduler inner blunder” issue.


1-what has stopped code memory management?

The Windows stop code memory the board BSOD blunder is typically an indication of an issue with your RAM, yet you may need to run the Windows Check Disk apparatus to check for issues with your hard drive.

2-What does stop code memory the executives mean?

The Stop Code Memory Management Blue Screen Error

Basically, a memory the executives BSOD implies there’s been a basic memory the board blunder. There are a few notable reasons for the memory of the executive’s blunders: Faulty RAM. Issues with new equipment, for example, a design card. Broken drivers.

3-Memory the executives blunder while introducing windows 10?

One of the most well-known reasons for the memory of the executive’s blunder in Windows 10 is by all accounts down to obsolete or broken designs card drivers. In case you’re not running the most recent rendition, have a go at introducing the freshest accessible. In the event that you are, it likely wouldn’t damage to uninstall them and attempt once more.