MOTOROLA X4 VS MOTOROLA G6; Motorola has formally uncovered the new Moto G6, replacement to the Moto G5S, and the most recent section in its mainstream spending G arrangement. The Moto G line has as of late been prone to bring some premium cell phone highlights into the spending limit cell phone advertise, and the Moto G6 is no special case.

  • In any case, the mid-go Moto X4 from 2017 has a considerable amount of premium angles, and it’s inside a sensible separation value insightful to give the Moto G6 some opposition. The two telephones have unbelievably differing versatile bearer support also, so they can apparently be going after similar potential clients.

How about we investigate the story for each, and decide whether one figures out how to be a more convincing purchase than the other.

first, let’s talk about designs of motrola

 Moto X4 Vs Moto G6

From the outset, the Moto X4 and Moto G6 could without much of a stretch be mistaken for each other. The Moto G6 acquires a ton of configuration highlights from the other. Both have a glass back with bent sides. The double focal point cameras on both are midway mounted toward the highest point of the telephone, and both have a raised ring around them.

  • Both likewise have a metal casing, unique mark scanner on the front beneath the screen, USB-C plugs, and even 3.5mm earphone jacks.
  • The obvious contrasts are genuinely unobtrusive, and for the most part, need to do measure and port area. Besides having its blaze underneath the camera rather than over, the Moto G6 is greater than the X4. It quantifies in at 153.8 x 72.3 x 8.3mm and 167 grams contrasted with the Moto X4’s 148.4 x 73.4 x 8mm and 163 grams.
  • Some slight contrast with the catches also. The Moto G6 includes little, isolated catches for power, volume up, and volume down. It additionally has a wide however inquisitively thin unique mark scanner. In the interim, the Moto X4 has a bigger force button and a solitary volume rocker. Its unique finger impression scanner is a greater amount of an oval.
  • The two telephones do share an unsavory measure of Motorola marking, as both have a Motorola logo on the back, while the G6 says, “Motorola,” on the front, and the X4 front says, “Moto.”

While up until this point, the stylish structure contrasts are genuinely pitiful, inward plan decisions have more effect. The Moto G6 is water safe gratitude to a p2i covering, yet it’s not intended to deal with water weight or submersion. The Moto X4 fairs much better in water, with an IP68 rating that implies it can spend a half-hour in waters up to just about 5 feet.

Comes on display of motrola Moto X4


Moto G6

 Moto g6
  • With regards to display, the Moto G6 prevails upon the Moto X4 without any problem.

The Moto G6 follows the business pattern of augmenting the screen and decreasing everything else on the facade of the telephone. The screen is 5.7 inches and takes up an enormous part of the telephone’s face. It’s not bezel-less by any stretch, yet it has a genuinely premium look.

  • The Moto X4 screen is a littler 5.2-inch show flanked above and beneath by a lot of bezels.
Motorola x4

It’s not simply sized that the G6 has over the X4 however. The greater screen additionally comes at a higher goal, Full HD+. The Moto X4 screen, in the interim, is the standard Full HD.

The two screens are IPS, tragically, so they abhor the unadulterated blacks offered by an OLED show. In certain cases, this can make the Moto X4 screen desirable over the Moto G6’s 18:9 screen, since it won’t use letterboxes that experience the ill effects of the backdrop illumination drain when seeing a video in the incredibly normal 16:9 viewpoint proportion. Be that as it may, no cell phone screen will be appallingly artistic at any rate, so greater will, in general, be best.

Operating system and force

The Moto X4 recaptures a portion of its ground against the Moto G6 with regards to execution because of its better quality Snapdragon 630 chipset. The two gadgets include octa-center processors, yet the Moto X4’s CPU runs quicker than the Snapdragon 450 fueling the Moto G6, sparing the Snapdragon 630 for the Moto G6 Plus that isn’t going to the US.

  • Graphically, the Moto X4 can be relied upon to outflank the G6 too. The Moto G6 has Adreno 506 illustrations, however, the X4 has Andreno 508 designs and a lower goals screen, so it can run smoother with fewer pixels to control.
  • The two telephones accompany 3GB of RAM at their base design, however, the Snapdragon 630 additionally gives the Moto X4 quicker RAM speeds. It likewise underpins progressively outer capacity, with up to 256GB of extra stockpiling conceivable with microSD. The Moto G6 can grow with microSD, however just up to 128GB.

The two telephones run Android Oreo, however, the Moto X4 propelled with Android 7.1 and may come out of the case requiring an update contingent upon where it’s bought. The Moto X4 additionally arrives in an Android One variation, offering a spotless Android experience and quicker access to new updates. It’s important that the two telephones are everything except ensured to get the Android P update.

In spite of the fact that the Moto X4 defeats the Moto G6 in this classification, nor are execution powerhouses.

Camera and battery

Despite the fact that the double focal point cameras on the back seem to be comparable, there are some huge contrasts. What’s more, those distinctions lean in the Moto X4’s kindness.

  • The Moto X4 highlights a 12MP f/2.0 focal point and an 8MP f/2.2 focal point with a 120-degree field of view on the back, offering some additional adaptability for photograph organization. It can likewise shoot video in 4K at 30fps or Full HD at 60fps. The forward-looking camera has a high-goals 16MP sensor with a wide f/2.0 opening.
  • The Moto G6 doesn’t offer very as much in the camera division. It has a 12MP and 5MP sensor on the back with somewhat increasingly open f/1.8 gaps, offering a minor improvement in low-light photography. Be that as it may, it can’t record video any higher than Full HD at 60fps. The selfie camera has a lower-res 8MP sensor.

These phones are their identical 3,000mAh batteries with 15W TurboPower charging.


The Moto G6 is propelling at a base cost of $249 (£219, no word on AU evaluating yet). This is well beneath the Moto X4’s unique base cost of $399 (£199, AU$599), and still, a strong wad of cash underneath its at present marked down cost of $349.

Since the two telephones are accessible on a wide scope of versatile systems, they contend no holds barred. The Moto G6 is genuinely convincing at its value point with the highlights and styling it has. For customers on a severe spending plan, the jump to the Moto X4 might be too large to legitimize the minor upgrades it offers.

That value contrast is exacerbated in any event, while thinking about that the Moto X4 isn’t passing on better. The screen is an unbelievably significant piece of a phone, and the Moto X4 show misses the mark (by precisely 0.5 inches) of the Moto G6.


moto x4 vs moto g6-min
  • Between the Moto G6 and the Moto X4, which telephone gets the crown is to a great extent a matter of needs.

The Moto X4 seems to have marginally better equipment, with better quality execution, a progressively fit camera framework and tremendously prevalent water obstruction. But at the same time, it’s 40% progressively costly.

Outwardly, the Moto G6 is considerably more dazzling than the X4. Also, however it misses the mark concerning the X4 in execution, it should hold up for most day by day exercises fine and dandy. What sells it is the lower cost and greater screen. Motorola makes an extraordinary showing pressing alluring highlights into a decidedly spending phone.

Along these lines, if execution and insurance are the things you’re pursuing and you can save the cash, the Moto X4 will probably be the correct decision. (On the off chance that exhibition is truly key, however, you might need to investigate the Moto Z2 Play or Moto Z2 Force)

In case you’re after a big screen on a minimal effort telephone that despite everything looks extraordinary, the Moto G6 is an incredible alternative.



 The Moto G6 is the COMPANY’s most recent in its fiercely famous line of minimal effort phones, modernizing the brand with 2018 plan qualities and invigorated internals. A year ago’s Moto X4 has seen various value drops in the most recent year, however, to the point you can get it for significantly less expensive than the G6. So what’s a superior utilization of your cash; a year ago’s mid-range, or the current year’s spending alternative?

The Moto X4 is as yet an extraordinary phone

The Moto X4 is longer than a year old now, yet its specs despite everything hold up well against the Moto G6. It has a couple of points of interest; the Snapdragon 630 is more impressive than the 450 (you’ll locate a similar Snapdragon 630 in the better quality Moto G6 Plus, and the Moto X4 is IP67-confirmed for water and residue opposition, though the Moto G6 just highlights sprinkle obstruction. Furthermore, certain variations of the Moto X4 transport with 6GB of RAM, while the Moto G6 maximizes at 4

The Moto X4 likewise profits by better cameras. In spite of the fact that the two highlight double focal points, the Moto G6’s optional sensor is basically for estimating profundity for Motorola’s specific center highlights, which most won’t find appallingly helpful. Then again, the Moto X4’s optional focal point takes into account wide-edge photography, opening significantly more innovative potential. The Moto X4 likewise catches video at up to 4K at 30fps — the Moto G6 maximizes at 1080p.

At the point when the Moto X4 first went on special for $400, the G6 was an unmistakably better an incentive for a great many people, however with the two telephones set at almost a similar value nowadays, it’s not as straightforward. The Moto X4 has gotten better programming help so far, with Android 9 Pie beginning to turn out to certain models, however, the Moto G6 has a substantially more current structure and better perseverance. It’s an intense call, however, the more up to date programming and marginally lower cost of the Moto X4 makes it an engaging alternative